Cookies Policy

When accessing the website, the user has the possibility of expressly accepting or refusing the use of Cookies on devices. Nevertheless, the user must expressly accept the use of certain types of Cookies on their device (essential cookies).
If you deactivate Cookies, browsing the website may not be optimised and some of the website’s functionalities may not work correctly.

Cookies Used




Consent Cookie (cookieconsent_status)

Cookie to save acceptance of the cookies notice.

12 months

Cache Cookies
(__cfduid, _biz_flagsA, _biz_nA, _biz_pendingA, _biz_sid, _biz_uid, _mkto_trk)

Cache cookies from the CloudFlare website, where the plugin used to display the cookie usage notice banner is hosted.

12 months

Session Cookie

Cookie to save the user’s session, namely the selected language and every situation concerning such session.

Deleted as soon as the browser is closed

Google ReCAPTCHA Cookie

Google ReCAPTCHA service cookie, used on forms to ensure that they are filled in by humans and not robots.

Deleted as soon as the browser is closed

Google Maps Cookie


Google Maps service cookie, used to display maps.

6 months

Google Analytics Cookies
(_ga, _gat_gtag_UA)

Google Analytics service cookies, used to collect statistics on the number of visits to the websites.

24 months


Configuring cookies in the browser
In compliance with the legislation in force, information is provided on the way the user can configure the browser to manage and maintain privacy and security regarding Cookies, through links to access the official support websites of the main browsers, the user can decide whether or not to accept the use of Cookies.
You also have the ability to activate, deactivate or delete Cookies on your browser. To do so, follow the instructions on your browser (usually located in the options “Help”, “Tools”, or “”Edit”).

Deactivating a Cookie or a category of cookies does not delete it from your browser; for this purpose, you must delete it manually.